Wild Boar is Easy to Love! Here are 5 Ways to Enjoy It

When was the last time you ate wild boar? This all-season meat is a great option for summer grilling and offers a distinctive flavor: lean and pork-like, but a bit more intense, with a darker color and tighter grain. Not at all meek, robust boar can stand up to strong flavors. Read on for some easy ways to bring wild boar to the table.

5 Favorite Finger Foods for Game Day

Finger food is satisfying for a number of reasons, not least of which is the complete lack of civilizing dinner and silverware. There’s a comfort in returning to our primal roots, and grabbing food in our hands. Perfect for watching the game at home, our five recipes for finger foods use classic D’Artagnan ingredients like…

Eat More Wild Boar

Tap into your inner caveman and eat wild boar! What is wild boar? It’s a hybrid of Old World boar and escaped domestic pigs, and is termed by the USDA as “feral swine.” These wild boar number in the millions, running rampant in 39 states where they cause damage to agricultural crops, and gardens, destroy…

What We’re Eating in Early Autumn

We love the beginning of the fall season because it marks a return to the kitchen. It’s a transitional period; warm enough to keep the charcoals burning in the grill outside, but cool enough to inspire visions of braised and roasted meats. So as the season officially begins, let’s plan what we’ll cook this fall….