Are You Grilling Flank Steak? You’ll Want to Now!

Flank steak is a special cut of beef. This butcher’s favorite is super versatile, works great with flavorful marinades, cooks fast, and is equally suited to the grill or the pan. Read on to see why flank might just be your new favorite steak.

Flank steak is known as one of the “thin cuts” –  prized by butchers and chefs but less well-known to the public. This cut offers rich, complex flavor, and cooks up fast on the grill for amazing tacos and fajitas – or even stir fry on the stove.

At D’Artagnan we offer three types of beef so you have plenty of great options. For those that like 100% grass-fed beef, there’s a flank steak; for those who enjoy the flavor and texture of beef that’s been finished with grain, there’s our Angus flank steak, and we haven’t forgotten those with a taste for buttery Wagyu beef.

Cooking with Flank Steak

In South America, where beef is king, flank steak is the favored cut. Found on the side of the steer, below the ribs, this long, tapered cut is only about an inch and a half thick, but it’s packed with flavor. Best of all, being so thin, the flank steak will cook quickly under the broiler, in a hot pan, or on the grill. This is one cut that should really be served medium-rare, so stay attentive.

It is often recommended that you marinate flank steak to tenderize the muscle fibers – and because of the pronounced grain, the beef will take on a lot of flavor from the marinade. Always slice thinly against the grain for the best texture and easy chewing!

Grass Fed Beef Flank Steak 2 - BEEAUS004-1-V1
Note the direction of the grain – it is easy to spot in a flank steak.

Flank steak is super versatile and is a staple in nearly every ethnic cuisine. Korean barbecue, Chinese stir-fry, and teriyaki sauce all work well with this beefy cut. It works great with flavorful marinades and is a classic choice for fajitas, burritos, tacos, and wraps of all kinds. Think skewers, too – yakitori or kebab do nicely with flank steak.

Grill flank steak with our Carne Asada recipe, and serve a casual platter of wrap-your-own tortillas for an easy hands-on meal with the family.

Carne Asada Alt

Because of its uniform thickness, flank steak cooks evenly and quickly, allowing control over doneness. You may swap it in with recipes that call for skirt steak.

Try our sous vide flank steak recipe – another great way to cook this delicious cut.

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