Cooking Our Grass-fed Beef Short Ribs

Not just for braising in the oven, our beautiful, grass-fed short ribs are the ultimate cut for smoking. The process helps break down the collagen in this nutrient-dense cut and will lead to tender fall-off-the-bone beef that melts in your mouth. Check out the method and try it in your backyard soon.

Two New Steaks that will Make Dinner Better

How do you like your steak? Even those who prefer theirs grain-finished will find our grass-fed beef a tasty delight. Rare or medium, these new grass-fed steaks are about to make your day! Read on to find out what sets this beef apart from the herd.  

Are You Grilling Flank Steak? You’ll Want to Now!

Flank steak is a special cut of beef. This butcher’s favorite is super versatile, works great with flavorful marinades, cooks fast, and is equally suited to the grill or the pan. Read on to see why flank might just be your new favorite steak.

These Steaks with 5-Star Reviews Will Make You Hungry

Are you looking for something delicious for dinner? There’s nothing better than steak.  Whether you have a taste for prized Wagyu beef, lean grass-fed beef,  grain-finished Angus beef, or premium A5 Japanese Wagyu beef, we have an option for you. Our ranchers raise cattle with care and compassion for the best results, and many happy customers have written 5-star reviews to prove it. Read on to find the best steak for your needs. 

No Matter How You Cut It, Whole Ribeye is a Feast

There’s a beef renaissance going on – are you part of it? Discover the joys of grass-fed beef with our whole ribeye. Lean, densely-textured, and packed with nutrients, grass-fed beef is healthier and full of unmistakable beefy flavor. Read on to find out why you need a whole ribeye in your life. Score big and order your ribeye…

Ariane Says Keep (Good) Meat on the Plate

These days there are so many buzzwords on packaging, that the average consumer is often confused about how to select the best food for their health and that of the environment. Ariane knows a lot about this subject and sounds off on eating meat, the environmental consequences, industrial farming, the bewildering labels on meat, and a happy solution…

What is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet has been coming out of the cave and into the mainstream over the past few years. This return to pre-agricultural eating has its detractors and supporters, like any dietary trend. But in a world where people seem to be eating themselves to death with processed foods, the Paleo Diet encourages a return…