7 Simple and Stunning Ways to Eat Jambon All Summer

We love Jambon de Bayonne for quick summer meals. It’s a natural for charcuterie and cheese boards and aperitif snacks. This naturally cured ham – similar to prosciutto – is charcuterie with a heavy French accent. Kick back and pop the cork on a bottle of rosé – we’ve got the low down on jambon, and ideas for enjoying it this summer.

This is Not Just Prosciutto

It’s just like the French to have a product made by an ancient process that’s protected and certified. Jambon de Bayonne is made with pork from a controlled region of the Southwest, rubbed with the mineral-rich salt of Salies-de-Bearn, and cured for a minimum of 12 months to develop the unique flavor. Only then can it get the coveted PGI – protected status – and the label to prove it.

You can taste the terroir in this gastronomic jewel of Southwest France – it’s meltingly tender, with deep, nuanced flavors, and rich red color. Super versatile, Jambon de Bayonne goes from a charcuterie board to the oven or grill with ease. Keep it on hand all summer for easy recipes like these. But consider yourself warned: Jambon de Bayonne is addictive.

1. Salad on a Stick: Caprese Kebabs

Pierce jambon with a skewer and alternate with marinated cherry tomatoes, bocconcini, basil; or try melon balls and mozzarella.

Jambon de Bayonne Salad Kabob

2. Wrap Jambon Around Fish or Shellfish

Jambon is a wrap star, and pairs well with seafood. Any firm, flaky fish will work, like cod, salmon, halibut, arctic char, or seabass. It also works well with shrimp and scallops.

Jambon de Bayonne Wrapped Fish

3. Wrap Jambon Around Grissini

Who needs crackers when you have elegant breadsticks? Wrap jambon around the end, and leave enough to hold at the bottom. This will also work with thinly sliced ficelle or  cheesestraws.

Jambon de Bayonne Wrapped Grissini

4. Tartines with Cheese and Greens

If you are using crackers, flatbreads, or sliced baguette, layer with a favorite cheese, a sweet spread, and peppery greens for contrast.

Jambon de Bayonne Tartine

5. Add Flavor to Potato Salad

Crisp jambon in a pan, then crumble and add to mayonnaise-free German and French-style potato salads, which are great to bring on picnics and road trips.

Jambon de Bayonne German Potato Salad

6. Wrap Fruit with Jambon

Try this easy, make-ahead recipe for ham-wrapped pear with arugula and ricotta cheese. In the summer, sub out the pear for seasonal stone fruit or fresh figs.

french ham & pear recipes preview

7. Melon with Jambon

Here’s a less composed version of fruit with jambon, consisting of melon, creamy mozzarella, and basil leaves. Great for casual summer meals.

chris-ralston-484574-unsplash Jambon with Melon

Are you ready to get started? Order a few packs of Jambon de Bayonne today and begin incorporating it into your daily life.

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  1. Gordon Kihorany says:

    Can you freeze jambon de Bayonne?

    1. D'Artagnan says:

      Sliced jambon de Bayonne – if sealed well – can be frozen.

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