A Holiday Lunch Tradition: Behind the Scenes at D’Artagnan

Before the holidays our warehouse is humming. We have 3 shifts working around the clock to get all the orders picked, packed and loaded onto trucks so they can make their way to restaurants, retailers and home cooks across the country. So many Thanksgiving meals depend on us!

During the final weekend before Thanksgiving is when things reach a fever pitch. And that is when the true spirit of D’Artagnan – the “all for one, one for all!” ethos – is most evident. Read on for a behind-the-scenes peek at a staff holiday tradition. 

A Thanksgiving Family Meal

Four years ago the warehouse manager asked Keisha to order lunch for 80-100 people and get it delivered by 11:30 AM on Saturday to feed the hungry crew working overtime. Nobody would deliver that much food so early in the day. So Keisha decided to cook for them herself, and she’s been doing it ever since.

Known as the “Thanksgiving Push Lunch,” it has been a D’Artagnan tradition for 4 years.

“It reminded me of my restaurant days when the staff gathered for family meal – prepared by a few of us in the kitchen – before the evening service began,” said Joelle, Vice President of Operations.

This special lunch brings the spirit of Thanksgiving into the building in a way nothing else can. It’s all because of the big heart of one woman who understands the value of a warm, homemade meal.

Keisha Photo 2.jpg

On the Friday before Thanksgiving, Keisha gets out of bed and starts cooking at 3:00 AM. She cooks all night. Then she packs all the food into chafing dishes and brings it to the D’Artagnan cafeteria to serve the first shift of warehouse staff taking a break at noon.

This year Keisha made 20 lbs of meatloaf, 12 lbs of garlic chicken, 200 pieces of fried chicken, 4 trays each of mac and cheese, shrimp fried rice, bowtie pasta alfredo with spinach, salad and mixed vegetables, which fed 80 hardworking and hungry people in two shifts on Saturday.

“It was refreshing to have the break and to eat a home-cooked meal – made with love. We are really grateful,” said Darion, Second Shift Lead in the warehouse.

All for One Sign.JPG
The three musketeers motto is our guiding principle. This sign is in the warehouse breakroom.

The way Keisha sees it, this is nothing extraordinary. “We are family, and we take care of family,” she said.

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