What to Cook in November on the Days that are Not Thanksgiving

With so much attention focused on one Thursday in November, it’s as though the other 29 days of the month don’t matter. But there are plenty of other meals – that are not on Thanksgiving – to eat in November. Read on for 10 easy recipes perfect for meals before the holiday, and even afterward. Because we’ve got to eat every day.

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Slow-Cooker Veal Ragu

Because it’s in a slow cooker, you can make this while you read Thanksgiving recipes online. Though usually a quick-cooking cut, veal flank steaks work perfectly in this easy slow-cooker ragu. Our demi-glace adds body and balances the bright tomato flavor while a touch of balsamic lends a gentle sweetness and tang. Fresh ricotta puts this rustic dish over the top.

veal ragu alt 3

Bacon & Cheese Pull-Apart Bread

Make this pull-apart bread recipe for brunch, or just for fun. Packed with flavorful bacon, cheese, and fresh herbs between each heavenly layer, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Adapted from a sweet bread recipe by legendary baker Flo Braker.


Tortilla Española with Chorizo & Manchego

The beauty of a Spanish omelet lies in its versatility. Delicious for breakfast, lunch, aperitif, or light supper, our tortilla is packed with the requisite creamy potatoes and sweet onions, but we added spicy chorizo and some salty Manchego cheese to kick it up a notch. Don’t be alarmed by the amount of oil needed. Once the potatoes and onions are cooked, the oil is drained away.


Mushroom Melt Burger

Easy to make on a weeknight, our mushroom melt is truly an “earthy” delight. Our Wagyu burgers are smothered in sautéed mushrooms and truffled fontina fonduta (say that three times fast) with peppery cress and an herbed Dijon spread for a little kick.


Lemon & Herb Roasted Poussin with Duck Fat Potatoes

This easy poussin recipe delivers big flavor with just a few simple ingredients. High roasting temperature and a few aromatics ensure moist, flavorful meat. A little duck fat and pan-drippings combine to create crispy potatoes with super tender flesh. In an hour you have a charming and delicious dinner for two, just add a salad.


Ham, Cheddar & Apple Panini with Honey Mustard

This simple panini recipe is the perfect combination of salty and sweet. Our French-style bistro ham is perfectly complemented by melty cheddar, crisp apple, and honey-mustard. Perfect for a quick lunch, dinner, or even brunch.


French Lentil Soup with Chicken Confit & Bacon

Cook a big batch of this smoky lentil soup on a chilly weekend – your belly will be warm and your house will smell amazing. Packed with our ready-to-use chicken confit and a hint of bacon, this recipe is satisfying and super easy to make.


Sheet Pan Pork Tenderloin with Apples, Onions, & Spiced Sweet Potatoes

Here’s an easy recipe for juicy pork tenderloin with roasted apples, sweet onions, and fluffy yams with spiced butter. It takes less than an hour to prepare, making it a great weeknight dinner.


Texas-Style Beef Short Rib Chili

Who needs beans when you have beef, beer, and bacon? Our boneless beef short ribs cook slowly in a rich combo of pureed chiles, dark beer, beef stock, bacon, and spices. A little dark chocolate at the end adds depth of flavor – don’t skip it.


Mushroom Grain Salad with Pancetta

This hearty grain salad combines barley with sautéed mushrooms, leeks, and shallots. Crisped pancetta adds a salty kick while its rendered fat mixes with lemon juice for a simple dressing. Delicious as a side or a lunchtime main topped with over-easy eggs.

mushroom-barley-pancetta-salad-recipe-HI RES

We say fall is cooking season because everyone gets back into a kitchen routine, and as the weather cools, it’s time for comfort foods!  What are your favorite things to cook this time of year?

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