The Art of Grilling Meat on a Stick: 4 Recipes for Summer Parties

Everything tastes better when grilled over charcoal on skewers. After all, the original barbecue must have consisted of meat on a stick. Go primal in style this summer with 4 fun grilling recipes that involve skewers. Chicken, pork, and lamb, along with shrimp and sausage get grilled on a stake with our easy and flavorful recipes. 

Grilled Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce

This easy recipe for chicken satay is packed with Southeast Asian flavor and great for summer parties. A long marinade in coconut milk and 8 different aromatics makes for super tender chicken that’s highly flavored in every bite.


Pork Adobo Skewers

Filipino-style adobo is perfect for backyard parties. Who can resist tender meat braised in a tangy sauce of soy, garlic, and vinegar? You can still get adobo flavor when it’s too hot to braise – just try this easy recipe for grilled pork tenderloin with adobo-style marinade.


Grilled Andouille & Spicy Shrimp Kabobs

Surf and turf gets a spicy Cajun kick with this summer-ready recipe. Each juicy shrimp hugs a chunk of andouille sausage in our quick kabobs. We brush the kabobs with a spicy, seasoned oil for an extra punch of flavor.


Spiced Lamb Kofta Kebabs

Add some Mediterranean flavor to your next summer gathering. These juicy spiced ground lamb kebabs take just minutes to make. They’re delicious on pita with a little herbed yogurt and cool, crisp veggies. Extra-wide double skewers make them easy to turn over smoking hot coals.

lamb koftas high res

We hope you will try these recipes for easy summer entertaining. Let us know how you like them!

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