When You Make Easy Compound Butter You’ll Find Many Ways to Eat It

Compound butter is a classic French preparation that combines an ingredient – truffle, basil, garlic, or mushrooms, for example – with creamy butter. Great for bread, these flavorful butters are also wonderful to have in the fridge to accompany a grilled steak, pork, lamb or veal chop, or tuck into a burger. They are so easy that we hesitate to call these recipes. So here are 7 ways you can make compound butter at home.

How to Make Compound Butter in Minutes with 5 Sure-Fire Recipes

Compound butter takes only minutes to prepare and makes everything it touches better. You can whip up this classic French accompaniment by combining butter with almost anything: fresh herbs, ramps, citrus zest, spices, mushrooms, chilies, miso, or roasted garlic. We even made foie gras butter (so worth it!). Use this simple technique to add flavor…