Cassoulet War: From the Eyes of a D’Artagnan Customer

Julia Child said: “People who love to eat are always the best people,” and we definitely find that to be the case. At D’Artagnan, our customers are more like family, and our events like reunions, where chefs mingle with customers and D’Artagnan staff.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend our 4th Annual Cassoulet War on January 29, it was a great night of  camaraderie, with wine, Armagnac, and 23 cassoulets to taste. From all of us at D’Artagnan, a great big “thank you” to our friends the devoted cooks, the obsessive foodies, the lovers of the good life. You really are the best people – and you inspire us to keep doing what we do.

Among the many amazing guests at this year’s Cassoulet War, D’Artagnan customers Tiloma and Jayant Jayasinghe impressed us with their enthusiasm for cassoulet, our products and the cuisine of Southwest France. It was a delight to connect with them, and we asked Tiloma to share a bit about herself in the short interview below.

Cassoulet War Tiloma and Friends.JPG
Tiloma on the left, her husband Jayant and friend Katinka, with the judges deliberating behind them.

And here is our conversation with Tiloma …

How long have you been cooking with D’Artagnan products?

At least 7 years, maybe more because I could never find duck as good as what D’Artagnan offers.

What is your favorite D’Artagnan product?

Duck, duck, duck.  I’ve bought whole ducks, breasts, and legs from D’Artagnan … a LOT.  I confit the legs, sear the breasts and roast the duck. I also like the cured products – the smoked duck magret is delicious.

How often do you cook in a given week?

At least 5 times. I keep trying to plan in advance and make things over the weekend, but I am just not that organized. Or the weekends get too busy. 🙂

What are your favorite recipes or dishes that you make with D’Artagnan products?

Well, the cassoulet of course. If I didn’t have D’Artagnan I don’t think I could make it.

I’ll also often substitute roast duck instead of turkey for Thanksgiving so I also like a simply roasted duck. No recipe, just roasting.

To make cassoulet at home, use our cassoulet recipe kit which has the essentials. 

Cassoulet War Pierre Landet with Tiloma
D’Artagnan friend Chef Pierre Landet called himself a “tourist” at the Cassoulet War, because he didn’t compete to defend his multiple medals. Tiloma was excited to meet him!

What was your favorite cassoulet at Cassoulet War 2018?

I called the winner – as soon as I tasted the Bar Boulud one. But honestly, they were all so delicious. I had to wrap my head around the non-traditional ones, because I kept expecting to taste a traditional one, and was shocked. But once I got over it, they were all delicious.

Cassoulet War Alex Burger Bar Boulud
The Bar Boulud team with the winning cassoulet.

Was that your first time at a D’Artagnan event?  Would you come to another one?

Yes, my first time. I thought it was amazing. So much fun, and it seemed to be that everyone knew everyone. And yes, absolutely I would come again! You guys are a lot of fun!

We hope you will come back next year – and that we will meet more of our friends, fans and followers at D’Artagnan events through the year!

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