Put Lamb Merguez in Your Grain Bowl

Bon Appétit recommends our lamb merguez sausage in this easy and satisfying grain bowl recipe. Try it their way: use wheat berries, farro or quinoa – or your favorite grain – and top with merguez crumbles, mint, parsley, cucumbers and yogurt dressing. Easy, wholesome and perfect for a rushed weeknight dinner.

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Grain bowl photo: Bobbi Lin for Bon Appetit

I like using wheat berries in this grain bowl—they’re nutty and firm and hold their own flavor-wise alongside the lamb—but you can also use quinoa or farro if that’s what you’ve got lying around. I toss in the crispy merguez crumbles, add mint, parsley, cucumbers for a cooling crunch, then a punchy yogurt dressing, and the result is a low-effort, high-reward dinner that earns regular rotation status, especially if I’ve been my best self and thought to prepare a batch of wheat berries the day before. (The grain simmers for just about an hour—remembering to do this in advance is the most technically challenging part of the recipe.) – Jenny Rosenstratch, Bon Appétit

About Lamb Merguez Sausage

These lamb merguez sausages are pork-free; they are 100% lamb in a sheep casing and made as they would be at home: simply and naturally. In authentic cooking, you don’t need artificial additives or fillers, and we follow that principle in all our recipes. Our traditional lamb merguez sausages may be small, but with plenty of harissa and garlic, they pack big flavor.

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