Everything You Need to Know About Lamb Merguez

While lamb merguez sausage is small in size, its influence is felt worldwide. The merguez sausage comes from North Africa, where it’s the sausage of choice among the Bedouin and the larger population of the region. Elsewhere, merguez is very popular for backyard grilling, Bastille Day fêtes, and everyday eating. Read on for more about this spicy sausage. 

Put Lamb Merguez in Your Grain Bowl

Bon Appétit recommends our lamb merguez sausage in this easy and satisfying grain bowl recipe. Try it their way: use wheat berries, farro or quinoa – or your favorite grain – and top with merguez crumbles, mint, parsley, cucumbers and yogurt dressing. Easy, wholesome and perfect for a rushed weeknight dinner. Buy our delicious lamb merguez sausage today and…