How to Make a Foie Gras Terrine

The terrine of foie gras. A classic in French cuisine, the ultimate expression of foie gras potential, and for a recipe with so few ingredients, somewhat intimidating.

Named after the vessel itself, a foie gras terrine is cooked in a terrine mold, usually a porcelain one with a tightly-fitted lid. But how hard is it to make? Take a look at the process below, and use our foie gras terrine recipe to take on this culinary challenge at home.

A porcelain terrine alongside our D’Artagnan terrines.

Terrine, the preparation, is the purest experience of foie gras, since the whole raw liver is packed into the mold and cooked at low temperature in a water bath. There are very few ingredients to distract from the rich, buttery taste of pure foie gras: salt, pepper and Sauternes, that wonderful sweet white wine from France (or sometimes Armagnac) are all that is added.

The foie gras can be packed into the terrine mold and marinated in wine overnight. In the terrine preparation, the foie gras is actually steam cooked; the closed porcelain terrine is nestled on a folded towel in a pan of hot water (the towel holds the terrine still) and placed in the oven. After the terrine is fully cooked, the excess fat (foie gras butter – freeze it for later!) is drained off and set aside, often to be poured back on top of the preparation to protect it as it rests refrigerated for 2 to 3 days.

Foie Gras 101

Accueil New York is a French non-profit association that welcomes expats to the big city, and Ariane recently taught a class of French expatriates, hungry for a taste of home, how to make a terrine of foie gras.


The happy graduates of Foie Gras U.


The steps are laid out in the slideshow below, and you can watch this helpful video of the process that Ariane made with Chef Wylie Dufresne.

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Our whole, grade-a foie gras is what Ariane uses for her terrine, but if you want the shortcut, just buy a terrine of foie gras, open, slice and enjoy.


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