The Cure-All: 4 Gifts for Food Aficionados

That’s right, the cure-all we’re talking about is charcuterie. Extraordinary charcuterie, suitable for giving to the most dedicated foodie.

With charcuterie becoming a household word, you have to work a little harder to impress with a gift of cured meat. We’ve done that part for you. These premium pieces of charcuterie represent the pinnacle of the craft, from our Spanish cured hams to our locally-produced Italian-style cuts. All are made naturally, without the addition of nitrates or any chemicals, just as it should be. Time, salt and air is the traditional recipe for curing meat, so all you taste is the natural flavor.

Mangalica Ham

For those that have tasted it all, here’s a new flavor. Cured in Spain with traditional methods, our mangalica ham is made from a rare, heritage-breed hog once prolific in the Hungarian Steppe. Industrialized farming nearly wiped the mangalica pig out of existence, but a group of farmers dedicated themselves to preserving the breed and built up the remaining stock.

Cured in Spain by fourth-generation maestro jamoneros (literally “ham masters”), this mangalica ham is impressive. With distinctive dark meat and abundant marbling, every morsel is tender and flavorful. Best enjoyed when sliced paper thin, served with wine, cheese, nuts, and fruits. Can be purchased with or without the Spanish ham stand for carving (it’s more fun with the stand).


Iberico Ham

Give one of Spain’s most precious culinary traditions this year. Jámon Ibérico is considered to be one of the best hams in the world. Made from the indigenous Black Iberian pig, the pata negra, which is related to the wild boar and raised in pastures and oak groves in Southern Spain. The acorns from ancient oak trees feed the hogs, and that’s the secret to the flavor and delicious fat in this ham. The deep, porky and totally addictive flavor will please them most elevated of foodies.

Our boneless Ibérico ham is crafted by fourth-generation maestro jamoneros who oversee curing rooms at high altitudes in the fresh, clean air of the Rasillo de Cameros Mountains. Their techniques marry the best of tradition with the latest in technology.

Iberico Ham Photo

Wagyu Beef Bresaola

This Italian-style charcuterie is simple: beef rubbed with spices and dry cured in the traditional manner. But we make ours with high-quality Wagyu beef eye round and follow the time-honored techniques for preparing bresaola. The incomparable marbling of Waygu beef results in intense flavor and a soft and creamy texture.

Lightly flavored with tart, lemony sumac to balance its concentrated beefy taste and buttery mouthfeel, the deep, ruby-red color makes for an appetizing presentation in antipasto, salads, and carpaccio.

Their charcuterie board just got a little more exciting.

Wagyy Beef Bresaola

Wild Boar Lonza

Lonza is another Italian-style charcuterie and is traditionally made with pork loin (known as lomo in Spain). We had to put our spin on this recipe and make it with wild boar. That food fan who has tried everything will appreciate that we did.

With subtle seasoning and a slightly fruity taste from pomegranate powder, our wild boar lonza offers a deep, complex flavor quite unlike its pork counterpart. Because wild boar meat is red, lean and flavorful, so is the lonza.

Serve thinly sliced, wild boar lonza makes a great addition to charcuterie and cheese boards and can be eaten out of hand, accompanied by wine and fruit.

Wild Boar Lonza


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