Choose Heritage Ham for Christmas + Recipes


Serve a gorgeous, gleaming Christmas ham this year. The best thing about ham is the effortless preparation. Fully-cooked, this ham only needs a glaze and a turn in the oven, while the cook focuses on other dishes.

We take our ham seriously, and it shows in the heritage-breed pork we select, renowned for great taste and tenderness. Because they have more fat than modern breeds, we don’t need to inject these hams with dubious ingredients to boost their moisture and texture.

Instead, following age-old techniques, we rub salt and sugar on the hind leg of a heritage hog and then smoke it over real applewood chips. There are no artificial flavors or liquid smoke. Cured on the bone, the flavor is incredible. It’s a simple process, but the results are undeniably delectable.

Plan your holiday meal around this impressive ham, which will serve around 30 people, or give you leftovers to enjoy after a smaller gathering. Shop our heritage ham today.


Bon Appetit has a simple recipe for a ham with marmalade glaze which they tested on our ham. This recipe for an apricot-ginger glazed ham is a perennial favorite for the holidays. And for those serving a smaller, boneless ham, our spiced orange glazed ham recipe is a sure-fire winner. Adjust the recipe to glaze the ham you have, including our large, bone-in ham.


Do you have a favorite glaze for ham? Tell us about it! Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and dish with us,



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