10 Stocking Stuffers for Food Lovers

Here are our picks for fun stocking stuffers that are food-related … or are actually food. Small in size, but not in impact, some of these could serve as add-ons to another gift, or even work for a secret Santa.

For the Punster

This silly wine stopper from Fred is a multi-layered joke; the rubber chicken gag meets French cuisine … and your unfinished bottle of wine. Get it? Coq au vin?!  We think it would be most effective along with a bottle of wine, but that’s up to you. And the size of the stocking you are stuffing.


For the Highly Caffeinated

For those that like it hot, there are plenty of spicy gifts at Sriracha2Go, including this coffee mug which is surely an eye-opener. Check out the sriracha keychains for a cute add-on to a foodie gift (they could even be incorporated into the bow when you wrap).

For the Gourmand

While you would never leave a precious Black Winter Truffle in a stocking over a fireplace, we believe a truffle makes an unforgettable gift for a real foodie.  A true truffle is rare, seasonal, and can be the inspiration for a special meal. Handle and store appropriately (see


For the Forager

The perfect gift for a foraging friend, this Opinel knife has a boar-hair brush to remove soil from mushrooms. It can also be used in the forest for harvesting, or in the kitchen for cleaning and trimming mushrooms. Opinel has been making knives in the French Alps since 1890, so this is a classic gift that will last.


For the Wine Expert

This fun necklace representing a wine molecule is for the oenophile in your life. If she happens to a bit of a science geek, even better. Find the necklace options at Rosa Vila – and check out the caffeine molecule necklace for that coffee fanatic on your list.


Wine molecule necklace.jpg

For the Carnivore

Our answer to salami — the saucisson sec — is handmade using a classic recipe. With a satisfying toothsome texture, it’s a perfect addition to any charcuterie plate or picnic spread. Available in 3 varieties, pork, duck and wild boar, these sausages are shelf-stable so they can actually be stuffed in a stocking.

Our Duck Saucisson Sec

For the Baker

The pie bird is a classic kitchen tool that puzzles many people. Designed to be baked in a pie, the ceramic bird will vent it so the filling doesn’t boil over, while it prevents the crust from sagging. A pie bird is a sweet little gift for the baker in your life, and this one, by Tala is a still handmade in Britain (since 1899), and comes in a little tin.

For the Cook

You simply can’t go wrong with quality olive oil. Anyone who loves to cook and eat will find a way to enjoy a bottle of our exclusive French olive oil. Reserve Jean Reno olive oil comes with a story, too. The actor has taken to cultivating olives on his land in France, and his oil is made the traditional way on ancient stone presses.



For the Advocate

Celebrities including Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, Jeff Bridges, Faith Hill and Quest Love among others, decorated spatulas to raise awareness and funds for No Kid Hungry. Head to Williams Sonoma to see the designs and pick a few for friends and family. It’s a way to give back while giving this season.

Williams Sonoma Spatulas.jpg

For the Artist

Brittany Wright found inspiration in the foods that we eat and has captured edible rainbows that dazzle the eye. The vivid photographs in Feast Your Eyes will have you looking at food differently. We couldn’t choose just one, so here are a few photos from the pages of her brand new book.

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Featured image: Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

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