Serve Organic Turkey for Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time to plan Christmas dinner. Pre-order your organic turkey today so you’re ready for the holiday feast. Check the meal off your list, and get back to shopping for gifts, signing cards and decorating the house.

There are plenty of reasons to choose D’Artagnan turkey for your meal. The exceptional flavor of our organic turkeys is the result of meticulous farming and breeding practices that are better for the birds, better for the environment and so much better for your family. With no antibiotics, pesticides or chemicals in the process, these turkeys are healthier and tastier than the average bird.

And we will deliver the turkey to your door, eliminating a shopping trip during this busy time of year. Pre-order your organic turkey today to reserve the size you need.


Cooking for Christmas

At Christmas, you can play more in the kitchen, unlike Thanksgiving, where time-honored family traditions often dictate what you serve.

Explore our turkey recipes to find something new this year. Try one of our side dishes, like the two new additions below.

Give your holiday feast a little Spanish flair with our easy recipe for Chorizo Sausage Dressing with Marcona Almonds. Delicious as dressing or stuffing, this side dish pairs equally well with both turkey and pork roast. Marcona almonds can be found at most gourmet markets and cheese shops; both salted and herbed versions work with this recipe.
Brussels sprouts are a polarizing vegetable but this easy recipe for Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Pomegranate can make a convert out of most brassica haters. Sautéed in bacon fat and brightened up with tart pomegranate arils these little sprouts make for a beautiful holiday side dish. A drizzle of sweet pomegranate molasses and a generous helping of crumbled bacon put this dish over the top. Festive!



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