4 Ways to Make Turkey Breast for Thanksgiving

What does everyone want more of at the Thanksgiving table? If you are like most families, the answer is: white meat.

But a turkey only comes with so much of that. If your family is a big one or is full white meat lovers, a turkey breast might just save your holiday meal. Serve it as a supplement to the whole bird, and make everyone happy.

For those serving a smaller group, a turkey breast can serve in place of a whole roasted bird. Make it the centerpiece of your meal with one of our delicious recipes below.

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Simple Roast Turkey Breast


Here’s a basic technique for roasting a bone-in turkey breast, which is great for smaller holiday gatherings or even a Sunday roast. Add your favorite herbs and spices as you wish.

Turkey Roulade with Black Truffle Butter

turkey-roulade-with-black-truffle-butter-recipeThe bones are removed in this simple turkey breast roulade, and then it is generously anointed with black truffle butter, in a riff on our favorite turkey recipe. It not only makes a fabulous holiday centerpiece but versatile leftovers too!

Turkey Breast with Brioche & Sausage Stuffing


This recipe is great for smaller holiday gatherings. Once you master the roulade technique, you can use any of your favorite stuffings, but we love this one which contains both salty and sweet bites, and is studded with duck and Armagnac sausage.

Turkey Breast with Mushroom Stuffing


This simple turkey breast roulade is packed with earthy flavor from mushroom duxelles and sauteed leeks. Use your favorite mushrooms or our fantastic mix of organic mushrooms, which offers a variety of textures and flavors.

About Organic Turkey Breast

Our bone-in turkey breast comes from the very same certified-organic farms that provide us with our whole turkeys. It’s a delightfully moist meat with superb flavor and tender texture. You’ll be proud to put this turkey breast on your table.

And you won’t be alone. Many happy customers have reported that once they tried our organic turkey, they simply couldn’t eat bland supermarket turkey anymore. So treat yourself—and your family—to the most sumptuous turkey dinner they’ve ever experienced.

Our certified organic bone-in turkey breast is available in two-pound size increments, starting at 4-6 pounds and ranging to 8-10 pounds.

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