What’s Cooking on Instagram?

We’re always looking at food. If you like to see beautiful plates that inspire you to either cook or head for your favorite restaurant, Instagram is the place to be. Below are some highlights from chef posts to Instagram – using our products, of course – to whet your appetite. Join us on Instagram for a view into the many kitchens – professional and home – that serve D’Artagnan. Fair warning: these pictures will make you hungry.

Wild Scottish game birds are in season and that always means more game on the menu!


Chef Lee Wolen at BOKA in Chicago is aging game birds – as is traditional – for fall tastings. Those little reddish birds in the middle are squab.

IG Game Birds BOKA Chicago

The Broadmoor

Grouse in the house at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Thanks to Chef Max Robbins for sharing this pic of his barded grouse, a classic method for keeping game meat moist.

IG Grouse The Broadmoor

Günter Seeger

Chef Günter Seeger hails from the Black Forest region of Germany, but his eponymous restaurant is in NYC. The menu changes daily and follows the seasons, which recently included our Scottish partridge. Love that branch of brussels with it!

IG Partridge Gunter Seeger NY

French Louie

This beautifully-plated quail dish was shared by Chef Justin Fulton of French Louie, in Brooklyn, NY. Soigne, indeed.


There’s a little bit of France nestled in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. At L’Antagoniste they are serving approachable and authentic French food (including canard à la presse!) like this quail stuffed with chicken mousse.

Instagram Quail L'Antagoniste

Are you eating game birds this season? Share your photos with us on Instagram, too! Maybe we will feature your creation next time. Tag @dartagnanfoods or use the hashtag #dartagnandish to catch our eye.


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  1. Came across your blog today. Pictures are great and many of the dishes we would love to try.

  2. blogiticz says:

    Beautiful dishes! The way that the brussels sprouts are roasted on the stalk and put over the quail seems like a really creative way to make an impressive yet simple dish!

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