Waiter, There’s Foie Gras in My Drink

What’s on the drinks menu at the newly-renovated Eleven Madison Park? Vogue magazine shared some of the new cocktails and this one caught our attention … because there’s foie gras involved! This is something a few restaurants across the country have done, including the late, great Betony in New York City, whose outrageous Foie Gras Flip inspired viral posts last year.

But nobody can do it like the number one restaurant in the world: Eleven Madison Park, a good client and friend of D’Artagnan for many years.

EMP’s head bartender, Matthew Hunter, shared the details of this decadent and autumn-appropriate drink.

“For this preparation, the duck is served with some apple. The cocktail is inspired by a spiced cider that you would associate with the fall and winter,” says Hunter. “It has a little lemon and a blend of rye whiskey. It’s like a whiskey sour with some cider and bitter spice notes. We garnish the drink with Granny Smith apple slices and foie gras, which we shave over the top. The cocktail by itself is like a delicious cold cider, but with the apple and then the foie, you get this rich, decadent flavor.”

Eleven Madison Park Cocktail with Apple, Rye Whiskey, Abano Amaro, Lemon, and Foie Gras

Stir It Up

Looking to make a splash with a foie gras drink? You can now prepare a Foie Gras Old Fashioned at home thanks to blogger Nicolas Specht, whose French-language blog www.quaff-magazine.com shared the secrets of fat washing. Here’s the English version of the recipe so you can mix up this très élégant drink (with a bit of foie gras on toast alongside) for your next party.

Foie Gras Old Fashioned, Recipe and Photo: Nicolas Specht

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