What to Eat After the Solar Eclipse

Eclipse mania has passed, like the moon passing the sun. Life can return to normal. What are we left with? Eclipse glasses and hunger. It’s always a good time to eat.

Nothing will compare to the sight of the sun obscured by the moon, but seeing these recipes on your plate might be a consolation after the experience.

Here are six recipes we find comforting and tasty … and perfect for hungry eclipse chasers. We played with the titles a little, to keep with the astronomical theme.

Deep South Burger: The Path of Totality

Fried green tomatoes, homemade pimento cheese, and chow chow mayo add Southern charm to this juicy Angus burger. The perfect meal to honor the path of totality through the southern states.


Dark Side of the Moon: Cheese Stuffed BBQ Buffalo Meatball 

Cast a meatball-shaped shadow with these tasty balls of buffalo. Made even better with a cheddar cheese core and a blanket of smoky barbecue sauce, these are super easy to prepare, and perfect for gobbling up after an afternoon of sky gazing.


Space Bacon Jam

Here’s a sweet & salty condiment that’s excellent on burgers, used like chutney with grilled and roasted meats, or just slathered on your favorite toasted bread … or spread on a croissant, named for the crescent moon.


Bacon Bomb Sliding Across the Sun

Virtual planets of flavor, with molten cheddar at the core, these bacon-wrapped sliders are inspired by that “internet famous” giant mound o’ meat filled with bacon, wrapped in bacon, and glazed with BBQ sauce. Our mini versions are stuffed with cheddar, wrapped in bacon and glazed, then served in soft slider buns. They’re the bomb.


Whether you call it toad-in-a-hole, sunshine toast, egg-in-a-basket, or eggs in a frame – when made with brioche, black truffle butter and quail eggs, we call it ridiculously delicious. The sun-like quail egg at the center will brighten up the day.


Black Out: Coffee-Rubbed Pork Chops

Darken pork chops with bitter ground coffee, paprika and salt. The charred crust is perfect for our for meaty, bone-in Berkshire pork chops.

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    Merci beaucoup cher D’Artagnan pour l’indication des “buffalo burgers with a poached quail egg”
    C’est magnifique. A bientot!

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    Ah c’etait du fromage! Alors du fromage et un oeuf, pour quoi pas?

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    Great recipe’s, with a foodie like me I will love to try all.

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    I am a huge fan of meat meals and your post definitely made me hungry 😀 !

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    7 a.m. in the morning and the burger temptation is so real 😭

  10. That sunshine toast is calling my name!

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