Pork Shoulder: A Week of Meals

There’s nothing more versatile than pork shoulder, cooked until fork tender and shredded.

Bon Appétit tells us that even in summer it’s worth cranking up the stove, or plugging in the slow cooker, to make pork shoulder. Leave that hunk of pork to stew in its own juices, and come back to a week’s worth of meals. Make sandwiches, noodles, salads, wraps or tacos with the shredded pork.

Follow along with Bon Appétit’s “no recipe” method, or make one of our pork shoulder recipes below.

Berkshire Pork Shoulder Boneless
Boneless Berkshire pork shoulder – also available bone-in.

Start with the Best Pork

Our Berkshire pork is revered by chefs for its extraordinary marbling and distinctive taste. You’ve no doubt heard of the Japanese term for these pigs: Kurobuta. Call it what you will, Berkshire pork is known for its richness, dark color and mind-blowing porky flavor.

D’Artagnan Berkshire pork shoulder is juicy and meaty, with plentiful marbling. Try it once and you’ll never go back to “the other white meat.”

Chinese-Style Pork Roast

This super-easy recipe for Asian-style slow-cooked pork shoulder yields fork-tender meat and authentic char siu flavor. Don’t skimp on basting, it helps to create a deeply caramelized, sweet crust.

Serve as a roast with steamed rice, or as a base for ssäm, steamed buns, ramen, or salads. The gift that keeps on giving, this pork roast can be the protein of the week.


Cuban-Style Pulled Pork Roast

With a different spices and zingy citrus, pork shoulder takes on another personality. Making this great-tasting Cuban-style pork roast couldn’t be easier. Our ultra-marbled Berkshire pork shoulder gets an aromatic wet rub and slow roast for juicy meat that easily shreds with a fork.
This dish is excellent over rice with plantains on the side, or in sandwiches (hello, pressed sandwich), tacos, and salads.


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