Our 6 New Favorite Wagyu Burger Recipes

When it comes to making burgers, we think Wagyu beef is the best choice. Sure, we like buffalo burgers, lamb burgers and classic Angus beef burgers. But the lure of the Wagyu burger is strong.

Our humanely-raised, Japanese-breed cattle are raised in Texas with traditional feeding regimens. These authentic Wagyu cattle – from the same Japanese breed that produces the celebrated Kobe beef – are known for an astonishing amount of fine marbling. The cattle get no antibiotics or hormones, and are raised to produce premium-quality American Wagyu beef.

We use that beef to make the ground Wagyu and Wagyu patties offered at dartagnan.com. With abundant marbling, buttery texture and exquisite flavor, these burgers are a great addition to any gathering. The normal ratio of lean to fat in ground beef is 80/20, but because Wagyu is naturally so marbled, the ratio of our ground Wagyu is 75/25. That extra 5% is where things get tasty.

Looking to elevate your burger? Start with one of our six new Wagyu burger recipes. They are perfect for the grill or the stove top, anytime of the year.

1. Wine Country Burger

This flavorful burger brings the taste of a wine country brasserie to your kitchen with red-wine braised onions, Gruyere two-ways, and fresh herb mayo. Our Wagyu beef patties keep things extra juicy.


2. Frenchie Burger Melt Sliders

Raclette is a mild, creamy cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland that’s often melted and served with meats, potatoes, and fruit. People are so mad about the molten cheese, there are whole restaurants devoted to it. Here we pair our ground Wagyu with pears, arugula, and Raclette in a bite-sized burger that’s perfect for parties.


3. Campagna Burger

In a nod to the Italian countryside, our Wagyu beef is paired with fig jam, crispy prosciutto, arugula, and a mixture of Gorgonzola and mascarpone in this super tasty burger.


4. Mushroom Melt Burger

Our mushroom melt is truly an “earthy” delight. Our Wagyu burgers are smothered in sautéed mushrooms and truffled fontina fonduta (say that three times fast) with peppery cress and an herbed Dijon spread for a little kick.


5. Katsu Burger

We’re going back to the Japanese roots. The crunchy panko coating over the Wagyu burger patty brings a fun texture and flavor not often associated with a burger. The tangy slaw with Asian pear and homemade Japanese-style barbecue sauce make our Wagyu katsu burger extra special and tasty.


6. Surf ‘n’ Turf Burger

The best of both worlds. Old Bay spiced shrimp, aged cheddar, and Louisiana-style remoulade charge every bite of this burger with super flavor. Choose large fresh shrimp and season generously. Bam!


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