Another Reason to Eat BBQ!

Who loves barbecue? We do! We cannot get enough of smoky, tender, fall-apart BBQ. You are certainly aware that there is a difference between barbecue and grilling. If not, those that take these things seriously will be quick to point them out. Here are the very simple differences between these two methods for cooking meat.


The first thing that anyone should know about barbecue (or “barbeque” or “BBQ” as it’s also often known), is that it is never a verb. One does not “barbecue.” Similarly, a “barbecue” is not an event, nor is it a type of grill. The term “barbecue” means, quite simply, meat. Specifically, it is meat that has been cooked low and slow – at 225 – 249 degrees F over charcoal or wood. Purists will never allow gas-cooked meat to be considered real barbecue.

Another bone of contention in the BBQ world is the sauce, which is likely the best way to differentiate the regional barbecue styles in the US.  Sweet or smoky? Vinegar-heavy or spicy? Throughout the South and the Midwest, you will find many variations, each of them hotly defended as the one true BBQ sauce.

Best Cuts of Meat for BBQ

Pitmasters agree that ribs of all kinds, pork shoulder, beef brisket, and whole chickens are great choices. These cuts tend to have more connective tissue and fat, which makes them ideal for the low and slow treatment. Our barbecue and smoking collection will give you a wide range of options.

BBQ Master Ray Lampe’s Sweet-and-Sticky Baby Back Ribs


On the other hand, grilling can be done over gas or charcoal, with more direct heat that is over 310 degrees F. Grilling is the original way humankind cooked – right over the flames. Today we use sophisticated equipment to recreate the primal campfire and get that unmatched flavor which is the result of the Maillard reaction.

Best Cuts of Meat for the Grill

Obviously, hamburgers and hot dogs are perfect for grilling.  The best cuts of meat for grilling are steaks, chops, chicken thighs and drums, and rack of lamb. We also like semi-boneless quail on the grill – they cook up fast, and are great with a little char on the skin. Explore our grilling collection and try something new.

Grilling steaks right over the flames.

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Featured image: D’Artagnan recipe, BBQ Pulled Wild Boar Sliders

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