5 Ramp Recipes to Try Now

Ramp season is so brief – late March to sometime in May – that we really mean it when we say “now.”

Ramps are wild onions native to North America, and are sometimes known as spring onions, wild leeks or wild garlic. These fragrant, garlicky sheaves of green are a sign that spring has arrived. And we celebrate that by putting ramps in every dish we can.

No need to forage them yourself, this year you can get ramps at dartagnan.com. They are sold in 5 lb cases, just the way our chef clients buy them. Which means you are going to need some recipes to use all that bounty.

For more about ramps read our earlier blog post here.

And here are the ramp recipes …


Ramps make an excellent pesto that’s fresh and vegetal, perfect for spring. Until summer comes and the basil is abundant, use ramp pesto in its place. This is also a great way to extend the short ramp season. Simply freeze pesto in an ice cube tray then store cubes in an airtight freezer bag to enjoy for months to come.



Hello, brunch. Wild ramps and that other treasure of springtime foragers, morel mushrooms, make a perfect pair in this simple springtime omelette. Use a mild, milky cheese like young Fontina to complement, not overpower the delicate flavors.



Compound butter is another way to preserve the fresh flavor of spring ramps all year long. And it’s one of our favorites because … butter. Use it to flavor pasta, as a spread on biscuits, or to finish a steak. Although it will keep for a year in the freezer, we doubt it will last that long…



Speaking of biscuits, we had to try ramp butter on ramp biscuits. And we recommend it. This is a winning recipe! Wild ramps add fresh, garlicky flavor to these ultra-flaky and tender biscuits. Enjoy them warm from the oven with butter or alongside smoky Easter ham.



Mild rabbit works well with the pungent flavor of ramps in this recipe, which also features mushrooms. Use our mushroom mix, or your favorite seasonal fungi. A perfect pick for a springtime meal.


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  1. leatriceathome@aol.com says:

    Do you sell ramp pesto?

    1. D'Artagnan says:

      No, sorry. We sell the ramps, but you have to make your own pesto with them.

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