Easter Dinner: Leg of Lamb

Lamb is a traditional choice for Easter dinner, and leg of lamb is well-suited to the occasion. A leg of lamb will serve a table full of hungry guests.

Our grass-fed lamb is raised humanely using traditional methods in the range lands of Australia. In keeping with our principles, the lambs are free from antibiotics and hormones. The stress-free environment produces tender and mild meat, proving that the best practices can be tasted on the plate.

Bone In Leg of Lamb

Order this bone-in leg of lamb and prove that meat really does taste best when roasted on the bone. It’s a classic preparation, and easy to do.

Just rub with fresh rosemary and garlic for savory and herbaceous flavor. Pop the lamb in the oven and baste a few times. That’s all the effort it takes. Try this simple roasted leg of lamb recipe, or our more elaborate (truffled sauce, anyone?) version for delicious results.


Another option is to serve boneless leg of lamb.  This cut offers all the flavor, plus easy serving and carving. There’s another advantage as well.

Boneless Leg of Lamb

Boneless leg of lamb can be stuffed, as in this lamb recipe which uses chestnuts, cranberries and bread crumbs for a tasty filling. Or try something zesty, with this recipe, in which the leg of lamb is butterflied and packed with minty gremolata.


What People Are Saying About Our Lamb

We love to read the reviews of happy eaters on our website. Here are a few about leg of lamb that we just had to share.

Simple is the best way, says Tim in Iowa.

The leg was simply roasted and was almost as good as the lamb that we had in northwestern England in the spring.

– Tim in Iowa

This is the way lamb is supposed to be. Thanks, EBW for the rave review.

Very tender. Lamb as it should be. No gamey taste at all. Highly recommend! Fabulous. Made a classic curry with the few leftovers we had.

-EBW in FL

A new holiday favorite for Albee.

Made this leg for Christmas dinner and it was a hit. Day before roasting I made slits in leg and put slivers of garlic into the meat. The day of cooking I rubbed the meat with olive oil, salt and pepper and topped with fresh rosemary. I put roast in convection oven and set temp probe to 150 degrees and meat came out perfect. Sliced after 20 min rest and meat was med rare and delicious.

-Albee from Long Island

Featured photo of Slow-Roasted Boneless Leg of Lamb with Mint Gremolata

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