Your Easter Brunch Plan Made Easy

Serving Easter brunch? Small bites and finger foods give guests a variety of delectable delights. Serve a sit-down style brunch, or set up a brunch buffet, which is easy for the host, and gives guests the opportunity to browse and select their favorites. It’s a flexible, casual way to enjoy the Easter meal.

Here are six recipes that will serve you well … however you decide to brunch.

1. Morels in Cream Sauce

The morel is a springtime miracle. Enjoy this mushroom in cream sauce on puff pastry or buttery toast. Perfect for a holiday meal, or really, any brunch this season.


2. Ham, Asparagus, & Wild Mushroom Strata

This cheesy casserole is part frittata, part savory bread pudding, and totally delicious. Generously laced with diced ham, this strata is destined to become an Easter brunch classic. Choose our petite ham, which will give you enough for the recipe, with leftovers.


3. French Ham & Pear Crostini with Truffle Honey

Don’t let these simple canapes fool you; they’re layered with complex flavors and textures – crisp pear, creamy ricotta, rich, buttery Jambon de Bayonne and truffle honey. They come together easily and make a beautiful presentation for a brunch buffet, or on a platter at the table.

french ham & pear recipes preview

4. Easy Truffle Butter Hollandaise

While this is not a proper dish, it’s a great addition to your Easter brunch. This super-easy Hollandaise recipe is a must for eggs benedict, and is one of our favorite kitchen hacks. Black truffle butter imparts rich, earthy flavor making this 5-minute sauce worthy of any special occasion. Great for asparagus, steamed artichokes, or fish.


5. Truffled Quail Egg Toasts

Whether you call it toad-in-a-hole, sunshine toast, egg-in-a-basket, or eggs in a frame – when made with brioche, black truffle butter and quail eggs, we call it ridiculously delicious. One pack of eggs will make 15 toasts and we recommend 2-3 toasts per person. There’s your Easter eggs.


6. Bacon & Cheddar Scones

Packed with bacon and cheesy flavor, these scones are a delight with scrambled eggs. An Easter brunch buffet is incomplete without them.


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