Easter Entrees: 6 Recipes for the Holiday

Special-occasion meals, such as Easter dinner, give you the opportunity to make something impressive. When you are serving a house full of guests, a whole glazed ham or a roasted leg of lamb are perfect choices. But if you have a more intimate Easter meal in mind, there are great options below.

Read on for six Easter recipes featuring fresh preparations of family favorites.

Herb Roasted Leg of Lamb with Port Wine Truffle Sauce

This leg of lamb is impressive enough for your Easter feast, yet easy enough for a Sunday dinner any time of year. The truffle port sauce is a flavorful flourish that we highly recommend.


2. Smoked Ham with Apricot-Ginger Glaze

Fresh ginger and a dash of cider vinegar cut through the sweetness of apricot jam in this easy holiday ham recipe. This works equally well with our Boneless Heritage Ham, simply adjust cooking time for the smaller roast.


3. Ramp-Stuffed Rabbit Loin with Mushroom Ragout

Yes, we did it. Rabbit for Easter makes perfect sense, and this show-stopping dish is full of fresh spring flavor. The ramps make is particularly seasonal. We are offering ramps at dartagnan.com this season, but spring onions will also work.


4. Roast Porcelet Porchetta with Garlic & Herbs

Have you tried our milk-fed porcelet? It’s a perfect for Easter, and this porchetta recipe will make a beautiful center of your feast. Our succulent, milk-fed porcelet stays moist while garlic and fresh herbs enhance the clean, pork flavor. Take your time to blister the skin evenly for best results.


5. Roast Berkshire Pork Rib Rack

Berkshire pork is so flavorful and naturally moist it needs very little adornment. Our recipe can be used with our pork 10-rib rack, or be doubled for our 2-pack of 8-rib racks. A simple rub and reverse sear ensure the heritage-breed pork is the star of this special-occasion roast.

slow-roasted-pork-rack-rib-roast-recipe6. Easy Roast Whole Duck

Roasted chicken is very nice, but for the holiday, try something a little more festive. If you can roast a chicken, you’ll find roasting a duck easier than you think. This simple technique allows our Rohan duck’s naturally rich flavor to shine, but feel free to add your own aromatics or spices to customize the recipe.


What are you planning to make for Easter dinner? Do you have traditional recipes or do you like to try new things? Tell us about your Easter meal plans right here in the comments, or find us on social media. Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We also love pinning! Explore our tasty boards on Pinterest.



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  1. m37bruce says:

    I wish I could have them all, but the Porchetta has me hooked, but the Rabbit Stuffed w/Ramps looks like a keeper too.

    1. D'Artagnan says:

      Let us know how it comes out when you make it!

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