Seriously: Try this Kale Recipe

Kale. The four letter word that launched a thousand juice bars.

When we eat kale, we like it cooked, thank you very much. Preferably with animal fat such as bacon or duck fat. Hard to believe, but kale is not the best leafy green to eat raw. It has goitrogens which can inhibit thyroid function, and it’s high in oxalic acid which binds with minerals and can product kidney stones. Cooking kale with bacon as God intended, is one way to reduce those elements. And it tastes so good.

That’s why we made this rustic, free-form galette, packed with garlicky sautéed kale, shallots, and crispy pancetta (unsmoked bacon, known as ventrèche in French).

And we couldn’t help it. There’s black truffle butter in the flaky, tender crust, which adds another dimension of flavor. And there’s cheese. If kale isn’t your thing, you can substitute other leafy greens, such as rainbow chard, collards, or beet tops.

Here’s the recipe for Kale and Pancetta Galette with Truffle Butter Crust, which is our pick for an easy weeknight dinner (make the dough ahead and keep it in the fridge), or next Sunday’s brunch.


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