Choosing Your Thanksgiving Turkey

There are a lot of birds available for your Thanksgiving dinner. Which one is right for you? Read on to learn about the holiday birds we offer at D’Artagnan. Or watch our video and let Ariane explain the differences between them.

Because we work with small farms, we only get a certain number of birds every holiday season. It’s important to place a pre-order at to guarantee that you get the exact size bird that you want. We often sell out, and the closer we get to Thanksgiving, the more likely that is to happen.

So place your order soon, and choose a delivery date just before Thanksgiving. We recommend taking delivery the Friday before the holiday, and clearing a space in the refrigerator, or designating a large cooler filled with ice, to hold the bird.


USDA Certified Organic Free-Range Turkey & Turkey Breast


By far the most popular bird on the website, our certified-organic, free-range turkey is a naturally delicious, healthy and nutritious choice for your family. Raised on small farms, fed a diet of non-GMO grain and pure spring water, and never administered antibiotics or hormones, organic turkey is a wholesome choice for the Thanksgiving meal. If you are feeding a crowd, you can supplement the turkey with an additional organic turkey breast. A smaller gathering can enjoy organic turkey breast as the main attraction.

Heritage Turkey


Our heritage turkeys are slow-growing Standard Bronze and Bourbon Red breeds and are raised on small farms in Pennsylvania, with great care and attention paid to their welfare. This translates to a superbly clean bird that yields a naturally firm and moist meat with an authentic, old-fashioned turkey flavor.

Free-Range American Wild Turkey


Our wild turkey is the real deal; it’s the same breed that has long roamed the woodlands of the United States. Wild turkeys have naturally rich, dark and intensely flavored meat that cooks up firm and moist with a fine-grained texture. With little breast meat and a slightly gamey undertone, the wild turkey is a perfect choice for sophisticated palates. Wild turkeys rarely grow over 10-pounds, making them better for small gatherings.

Natural Bone-In Turkey Breast


Our natural bone-in turkey breast is a convenient way to provide juicy, white turkey meat. It’s a welcome addition to a holiday roast or a supplement to your turkey; it can provide extra meat for those large gatherings and satisfy the preference for white meat.

All-Natural Free-Range Capon


A capon is a rooster that is gelded at a young age, and raised until it’s between 7 and 12 pounds. This deliciously juicy, tender and full-breasted bird is a holiday tradition in France, and a great alternative for your festive meals. These hefty birds have characteristically white flesh generously marbled with fat, making them a super succulent bird with exceptional flavor and tenderness. Smaller than a turkey, but larger than a chicken these birds are perfect for an intimate holiday dinner for two, or up to six.

All-Natural Free-Range Goose


Our white Embden geese are raised on a small farm in the Mid-West. The geese live in open barns and small flocks until they are six weeks old. From then on, the birds range free in natural pastures with access to fresh spring water, natural light and fresh air. Juicy and distinctively flavored, goose is the “it” bird for Christmas. But you can make a goose the center of your Thanksgiving table, too.

Ready to order your Thanksgiving bird? Find more details about holiday delivery on our help page.

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