Go Grass-Fed on National Filet Mignon Day!

Today is National Filet Mignon Day, so let’s have a steak… more specifically, a grass-fed filet mignon.

This is a new addition to our website, and an uncommon thing. These barrel-cut steaks are from the thick end of the tenderloin, and offer superb texture and flavor.

With all the health benefits of grass-fed beef and all the tenderness usually associated with grain-finished beef, this filet mignon offers the best of both worlds. It is the holy grail of steak.


Make something special with your filet mignon; try our Tournedos Rossini recipe. This classic preparation combines filet mignon, seared foie gras slices and black truffles, and is named for the composer Rossini, who was a major foodie before we used the term.

tournedos rossini1

What is your favorite way to eat filet mignon? Tell us about it in the comments or on social media. You can find @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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