Food Tank: Interview with Ariane Daguin

Ariane was recently interviewed by Food Tank, a non-profit think tank for food, focused on building a global community for safe, healthy, nourished eaters. As a pioneer in creating alternatives to factory farming, Ariane spoke about her background, her quest for the perfect chicken, and what sets D’Artagnan products apart.

Ariane and Dad with Geese

In my family, we can trace back seven generations before me that has been in the food and hospitality business—you know, inns, auberges. Basically, I was born into a family and culture of total respect for the client. And a part of that is trying to serve them best ingredients possible.  I used to follow my father and grandmother to the small regional markets of the villages, where they had true, deep relationships with farmers who would grow specific products for them. So when I came to this country, I was totally flabbergasted by the lack of this. It was almost 40 years ago, I started D’Artagnan 30 years ago. I couldn’t find any good meat, especially poultry. The chicken was inedible to me—it was “Ah, how can something like this exist”—to me, it was impossible.

Read the entire interview for more insights into D’Artagnan, our founder, and the way animals are raised for food: Rethinking Meat: An Interview with Ariane Daguin.

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