5 Romantic Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day, with Recipes

Dinner and a movie is a classic combination for date night. For those who plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, we have recipe ideas for a tasty meal and recommendations for food-centric films. After all, what could be more romantic than a movie about food?

5 Main Dishes Sure to Impress Your Date on Valentine’s Day 

Are you planning to make dinner for two on Valentine’s Day? We applaud you! There’s nothing more romantic than a home-cooked meal. Read on for 5 easy – but impressive – main dishes that will help make your night a special one. Order the ingredients you need at dartagnan.com and plan your perfect Valentine’s Day meal. 

Dinner for Two: Valentine’s Day at Home

There’s nothing more romantic than a home-cooked meal. So if your plans for Valentine’s Day involve staying cozy at home, we’ve got some recipes that will win over your sweetheart. A simple 3-course meal that is still impressive – and comes together quickly – is what the night requires. We’ve got your dinner plans below….

Best Foie Gras Recipes for Valentine’s Day Dinner

Channel your inner chef and make something special for Valentine’s dinner with one of our top five foie gras recipes. There are few ingredients so rarified as foie gras, and any meal that includes it is guaranteed to be a memorable one. We’ve gathered some of our most impressive foie gras recipes so you can…

Valentine’s Day Menu Made Simple

Make a date to cook dinner at home on Valentine’s Day. Cooking together is a creative and collaborative way to spend an evening, and you get a meal at the end. Or maybe you are cooking to impress a date? Don’t get too ambitious; work within your skill level so there are no surprises. Here…

Fall in Love: 6 Valentine’s Day Brunch Recipes

With Valentine’s Day on a Tuesday this year, we expect the restaurants will be fully booked for dinner. But if you are the sort of romantic that likes to put your own spin on things, make a special brunch on the Sunday before Valentine’s Day. This will give you the chance to impress in the kitchen,…

Rediscover a Culinary Classic: What is Tournedos Rossini?

The classics sometimes get a bad name, associated with stuffy old restaurants that are no longer stylish, or even in existence. But there are reasons that these recipes became classics. In this series, we will share some of those stories, and our versions of the recipes so that you can rediscover these dishes at home….

Valentine’s Day at Home: The Main Event

What’s for dinner on Valentine’s Day? For those who like eat in, here are a few inspirational recipes. If you’re cooking to impress and are not intimidated by a classic dish, our Tournedos Rossini offers a trifecta of flavors: filet mignon, foie gras, black truffle. Surprisingly simple and totally decadent. Named for the composer Rossini…

Valentine’s Day at Home: The Apps

For many of us, cooking at home for (or with) someone we love is the ultimate way to spend Valentine’s Day. Why leave your cozy cocoon when all you need is right there? If you are a member of this romantic tribe, we have a few fun ideas for dinner à deux. One way to make the…