Valentine’s Day at Home: The Main Event

What’s for dinner on Valentine’s Day? For those who like eat in, here are a few inspirational recipes.

If you’re cooking to impress and are not intimidated by a classic dish, our Tournedos Rossini offers a trifecta of flavors: filet mignon, foie gras, black truffle. Surprisingly simple and totally decadent.

Named for the composer Rossini and created by one or another of the famous chefs of the nineteenth century. Was it Carême? Escoffier? Or Dugléré? Whoever was responsible, we thank him.

tournedos rossini1

Craving steak? Is the Rossini version is just a little outside your comfort zone?  Try this rib-eye à la Marcus Samuelsson, served with greens and root vegetable mash. It’s earthy and fitting for the time of year.


To duck aficionados any occasion is the right one for duck steak – which is what we call the duck magret. Simply seared and dressed with a pan sauce, this recipe is a D’Artagnan classic. It’s also quick to make, which leaves more time for conversation and wine drinking.


Love birds? Try serving a whole poussin for each diner. These tasty and tender little birds are divine when simply roasted and served with beautiful Champagne grapes.


Our veal chops make for an elegant plate. Especially when pan seared and served with paprika and cream sauce. This is an adaptation of an historic recipe, and is actually an easy one, thanks to Deana Sidney.


Rack of lamb is not your ordinary fare. Make the most of it with this succulent recipe from Ariane Duarte, which involves rosemary crumbs and a hot oven. It’s a classic that serves in any season.


Now that the main course is taken care of, you just have to consider dessert.  Look to our next post for some decidedly different recipes to finish the meal.

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