Best Foie Gras Recipes for Valentine’s Day Dinner

Channel your inner chef and make something special for Valentine’s dinner with one of our top five foie gras recipes.

There are few ingredients so rarified as foie gras, and any meal that includes it is guaranteed to be a memorable one. We’ve gathered some of our most impressive foie gras recipes so you can earn extra points with your romantic home-cooked meal. Don’t be intimidated; foie gras is quite easy to work with, and there are simple recipes here that will make you a Valentine’s Day hero.

1. Sautéed Foie Gras with Pears & Gingersnaps

Fragrant pear purée, buttery sautéed pears, and spicy gingersnap cookie crumbs make tasty accompaniments to our seared duck foie gras. This elegant dish is perfect for a dinner party, especially a Valentine’s Day meal at home.
Sometimes when a fun internet food trend takes fire, we like to give it a D’Artagnan spin. This is the case with these pretty rose tarts. While they may look complicated, they’re made in under an hour with only 5 ingredients and are a sweet conversation starter for your Valentine’s Day meal.

foie gras roses close hi res

3. Foie-ffles: Strawberry Waffles with Seared Foie Gras & Balsamic Syrup

What’s better than chicken & waffles? Foie gras & waffles, bien sûr! Our recipe for foie-ffles combines seared foie gras with fresh strawberry waffles, strawberry sauce, and tart balsamic syrup. They would work well for a romantic brunch or as a starter for a meal with your sweetheart.


Petite Seckel pears are poached in Ruby Port and winter spices then stuffed with our ready-to-eat-foie gras mousse in this easy recipe. Leftover poaching liquid gets boiled down to rich caramel that adds a little extra sweetness. Try this dish as a mid-course for your next Valentine’s Day dinner.
poached pears foie hi res 1.jpg
Tart cranberries, Ruby Port, winter spices, and silky veal demi-glace make a quick and tasty sauce for sautéed foie gras in this festive recipe – and  it’s color appropriate for Valentine’s Day.
cranberry foie hi res 1.jpg

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