This Valentine’s Day, Say it with Meat

No run-of-the-mill gift is going to cut it with the committed carnivore in your life. So what can you give the girl or guy whose passions run to the meaty side? Read on, dear eater, for some tasty gift ideas.

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

Start with the right sentiment. This card, available on Etsy, says it all. True love is stronger than even bacon. If that’s not the perfect meaty message for you, the creative folks on Etsy have a full range of bacon expression.


Stop and Smell the Beef

The default gift is a bouquet of flowers. Say It With Beef claims that flowers are lame. In their place, try their edible bouquets made with jerky. The perfect way to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day, or anytime.

Meat Love You

This romantic and cozy throw pillow spells out your feelings with adorable meat figures. Something for your partner to curl up with when you are not around.


Links of Love

A flash of steak at the French cuff is a way to tell the world that this nattily turned out fellow (or lady) is a hardcore carnivore. These t-bone cufflinks are one-of-a-kind, but there are several shops that offer a variation on the theme.


Nice Buns

If your special someone has a fondness for cheeseburgers, try putting this handmade ring on her finger.


Get Some Oxtail

The clever artist behind Drywell Art offers suggestively-titled prints of steaks, rumps, chops and sausages, among other fresh meat items. Click over to see the rest of the series. There are fun options for eaters and drinkers alike.


Butcher’s Wrap

And to wrap your gifts, try Gift Couture’s steak or cheeseburger wrapping paper. It’s almost too realistic. There’s cutting board gift wrap, too.


Steak Expectations

Then of course, there is always the satisfaction of actual meat. We think our Angus Beef Steak Lover’s Gift Box is an appropriate way to express your feelings. This is a gift you can cook and eat together, so it’s more of an experience than a gift. And with 12 steaks, it’s a Valentine’s Day gift that continues to give.


There’s more on our website; gift boxes brimming with charcuterie, foie gras or duck, and bacon and sausage samplers. Check our other gift options and choose the right meat for your mate.



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