How to Bake Your Best with Duck Fat and Truffle Butter

Many have perfected their baking skills this year while staying home. All that work is about to pay off with Thanksgiving on the horizon. Try one of our recipes for rolls, biscuits and a very special pie crust – all use our favorite savory ingredients: duck fat and truffle butter. Each will make this Thanksgiving – however large or small the gathering – a tasty one.

Black Truffle Butter Biscuits

Our quick-and-easy recipe makes about a dozen biscuits that will bring a little luxury to your Thanksgiving meal. Our black truffle butter adds an earthy richness to the flaky biscuits – and any leftovers are perfect for breakfast sandwiches with scrambled eggs the next day.

Duck Fat Yeast Rolls

Our old-fashioned dinner roll recipe uses duck fat and flaky salt for a subtle savory taste. The rolls bake up as fluffy and squishy as can be, and the recipe yieldd 9 lush rolls.

Black Truffle Parker House Rolls

Try this recipe for our truffled take on classic Parker House rolls. The addition of black truffle butter makes the soft, squishy, golden yeast rolls downright irresistible at Thanksgiving.

Duck Fat Focaccia Bread with Herbs & Sea Salt

Make our deliciously rich duck fat focaccia bread for Thanksgiving this year. Topped with fresh herbs and flaky salt, it’s wonderful on its own, as a soup or salad accompaniment – or for leftover turkey sandwiches.

Black Truffle Butter Short Crust Pastry

Our easy recipe for truffle butter short crust is perfect for your favorite savory tarts and quiches (try our mushroom version). This time of year you can make the crust ahead of the holiday and use it for a Thanksgiving leftover pie – with mashed potatoes, stuffing, and shredded turkey, and gravy or cranberry sauce on the side. Note: the recipe is for a single shell, so double it if you want a butter top on your pie.

What are you baking for the holiday this year? Let us know if you try one of these recipes.

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