Recipes You Need to Make if You Love Lamb

Spring is the time for lamb – though it’s a year-round favorite. Serve it for Easter dinner, your Passover seder, or just because you love lamb. We’ve got all the cuts of lamb you need – and the recipes – to make any meal a tasty one. Shop for lamb and so much more. 

Whether you prefer the mild taste of grass-fed lamb or enjoy the lush texture of grain-finished lamb, we have cut for your needs.

Both types are raised as lambs should be – in wide-open spaces, on pasture or high-altitude grasses in the Rocky Mountains. These clean, natural and free-range environments offer optimal growing conditions where the lambs can engage in all their natural behaviors without stress.


Serve Rack of Lamb for Easter

While leg of lamb gets more attention at the holidays, a rack of lamb is a great choice for your family meal – especially if there are only a few at the table.

Our herb and Dijon crusted rack of lamb is easy to make and has lots of flavor with fresh herbs, salty pecorino, and crunchy panko breadcrumbs making a savory crust.

We used our popular grass-fed rack of lamb, but our Rocky Mountain lamb rack will work with the recipe, too.


With the weather warming up – and so many of us staying home – this is a great time to pull out the grill and cook lamb outdoors. We’ve got a recipe for plank cooking a rack of lamb on the grill that will make for a smoky and satisfying meal.

Red Oak Planked Rack of Lamb (2)

Leg of Lamb for Family Meals

Sticking to the traditional, a leg of lamb is a great choice for Easter dinner. This year there may be fewer guests at the table, but a leg of lamb is still a great choice – and think of the leftovers you can enjoy. A leg of lamb will feed you for a few days.

easter recipes hero

We offer both bone-in leg of lamb and boneless leg of lamb – which are 4.5 to 6 lbs each, depending on which you choose.

This utterly delicious oven-roasted leg of lamb with truffle butter is impressive enough for your holiday feast, yet easy enough for a Sunday dinner. The same method can be used to grill it over indirect heat.


Our easy recipe for a roasted boneless leg of lamb involves butterflying it, rolling and tying it and serving with a zesty fresh mint and citrus gremolata.

Will you be serving lamb this season? Tell us which cuts you like and how you cook it.

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