By Popular Demand, Restaurants are Serving More Unusual Cuts

You’ve likely heard about the trend of eating calf brains, pig ears, and feet, among other non-traditional cuts of meat. As they say, everything old is new again. A recent Bloomberg article discusses the resurgence of nose-to-tail eating and quotes Ariane Daguin, the founder and owner of D’Artagnan. Read on for the details.

Shop for your nose-to-tail needs.

People are looking for something adventurous when they go out to eat, and increasingly that means less well-known cuts of meat. Skirt steaks, flatirons, short ribs, and brisket –  or feet, bones, and snouts – are showing up on the plate. 

While the rest of the world has been doing this for centuries, Americans are just starting to catch up when it comes to nose-to-tail eating. Non-traditional cuts of meat are popping up on menus from Portland to Miami. And people are loving them.

In the article, Ariane noted that the prices are narrowing between a classic ribeye and a flank steak, as the demand grows for what were the inexpensive cuts.

Squab Leg - Blackbird Chicago
Country fried D’Artagnan squab leg schnitzel with sweet kimchi served with cold herbs and mustard greens at Blackbird, Chicago.

Try This At Home

Are you a fan of the unusual cuts? The offal, the bone marrow, the lesser-known, but extremely tasty steaks, shanks, and flanks?

You might want to try your hand at cooking some of these “off-cuts.” Start with veal sweetbreads in the traditional French preparation, braised in a buerre noir sauce (butter surely makes everything better).

Try grilling your sweetbreads, seasoning with salt and lime, and enjoy the soft, oyster-like consistency. Or, you could bread and fry them in oil for a snack or a sandwich. For more sweetbread recipes we love, check our blog post.

marc forgione sweetbread mezzaluna.png
Mezzaluna with D’Artagnan veal sweetbreads and walnuts at Marc Forgione, NYC.

Read the full Bloomberg article here, and get our recipe for the sous vide flank steak seen in the featured photo.

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