10 Ways to Cook Short Ribs that will Make You Happy this Winter

Are you craving comfort food? We nominate short ribs for the most satisfying of winter meals. These braise-worthy ribs are perfect in a slow cooker or an enamel cast iron pot, where low temps and long cooking time transform tough, sinewy cuts into meltingly tender tidbits. Read on for 10 ways to enjoy short ribs, and fire up the oven.

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1. Short Ribs with Potatoes

Braised short ribs are often served with buttery mashed potatoes – of the white or sweet variety – or roasted potatoes, potato cakes, french fries. Short ribs never saw a potato they didn’t like. We can relate.

Larry Miller Short Ribs Flickr
Short ribs with mashed potatoes, photo Larry Miller on Flickr

2. Short Ribs and Any Kind of Pasta

Pasta works too, and wide ribbons of pappardelle are particularly well paired with the beefy texture; the braising sauce can be enriched with tomatoes to create a ragù. Grate aged Parmesan-Reggiano on top for a final flourish.

Short Ribs with Pasta Half Baked Harvest Photo.jpeg
Pappardelle with slow-cooker short ribs, recipe & photo at Half Baked Harvest.

Whatever aromatics you used in the original braise, succulent short ribs are wonderful when tucked into ravioli, the quintessential Italian dumpling. Add freshly chopped parsley or basil to the spoonfuls of meat before you seal them in pasta dough. Dress ravioli with a tomato sauce or serve them in a light beef broth.

3. Make a Rice Bed for Short Ribs

A heap of steaming-hot rice is another ideal blank canvas for short ribs. Sautéed mushrooms can be folded into the sauce and ladled over the meat and rice. Toss some green beans or carrots into the pan for color and add cilantro or parsley before serving. Or go Korean-style and make our recipe with Wagyu beef short ribs.

Highly marbled Wagyu beef makes excellent Korean-style BBQ when sliced thin against the grain, marinated overnight, then grilled hot & fast.

4. Put Short Ribs in a Pie

There are two things made for each other: pie crust and braised meat. Cross over to the savory side, and make a flaky duck fat (or lard) pie crust. Make a full-sized pie, several personal pies, or hand pies (pasties, empanada, pakora)  stuffed with shredded short ribs.

short-rib-pot-pie Bon Appetit Gentl and Hyers.jpg
Short rib meat pie at Bon Appetit, photo: Gentl & Hyers

Comfort food at its finest, the shepherd’s pie was created to use up leftover meat. Originally called cottage pie, this classic of British cuisine involves a top “crust” made of mashed potatoes, then it’s baked until golden.

6. Put Short Ribs Between Bread

Shred those short ribs and turn them into sliders. These mini-sandwiches on buns are a hit at every party; try topping with crunchy jicama coleslaw and cilantro.

Short-Rib-Slider_Homemade Interest.jpg

But why stop with sliders? Have you ever thought that the only thing missing in a grilled cheese sandwich was meat? Here’s your opportunity: toast thick slabs of buttered bread, layer in a little pulled short rib meat between the jack cheese and bake – or press on a hot griddle until the cheese gets melty.

7. Time for Tacos

The tortilla is just a shell, waiting to find its filling. Short rib meat, some pickled onion or cactus, salsa verde, guacamole, and sour cream are what the tortilla wants. That goes for tacos, too. Our barbacoa recipe is the ultimate filling for either – and it’s easy to make.

Wagyu Barbacoa
Our barbacoa is spicy, tasty, and easy to make.

8. Short Ribs for Breakfast

Let your imagination run riot and try short ribs for breakfast. Use leftover short ribs, or set some aside when you braise them for dinner. Bake short ribs in a heavy pan with potatoes and eggs, or make a skillet hash. Break an egg – or poach one – on top for short-order genius.

Short rib hash and poached eggs from Glamour, recipe & photo by Jessica Merchant of How Sweet Eats.

9. Put Short Ribs in Chili

Short ribs can thicken a good chili, take the place of the cubes in beef and barley soup, top lentils or black beans. So don’t hesitate to braise a mess of short ribs – you’ll always be able to find ways to solve the “problem” of too much of a good thing.

10. A Twist on Beef Bourguignon

Classic beef Bourguignon is surprisingly easy to make with our Angus boneless short ribs, plenty of aromatics, exotic mushrooms, and French pancetta. Serve with warm crusty bread and a bottle of your favorite red wine.


What are the ways you enjoy eating short ribs? Did we miss your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

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