What Do Chefs Like to Eat on Christmas?

Do you ever wonder what chefs eat at home over the holidays? We asked some of our chef clients about their Christmas dinner and breakfast favorites. Read on to see what they told us.

What main dish do you make for Christmas dinner?

Chefs dish on their Christmas dinners at home.

Is there anything better on Christmas than making your own Christmas ham? Start with salty spicy brine few days ahead of time, then slowly bake it with a clove and honey glaze. Simply serve with some Dijon mustard.

– Chef Aaron Fitterman, Patroon, NYC


I only started celebrating Christmas 20 years ago. I am Jewish so it was always just a day off,  or when I was a kid, Chinese food and the movies! However my wife is Catholic and we do celebrate Christmas with our kids, family, and friends. I started to take care of the Christmas Eve dinners. Her family is from Long Island and so we almost always have gone out there for the holiday. It was always a version of the seven fishes (we just used 7 seafood dishes). Typically I would make a mussel and clam brodetto, fried or sautéed calamari, stuffed baked clams, lobster and shrimp cooked in tomato sauce and served with pasta and a fish (typically black bass, wild striped bass or market cod) simply baked.

For Christmas eve dinner we typically would have a roast. It would always change from a whole tenderloin, or a prime rib roast or a pork crown roast. I usually took this over too, lots of garlic, rosemary, and thyme, seared and roasted low and slow. We would roast potatoes in the rendered fat, have some leftover lobster tomato sauce with some more pasta and that’s it.

-Chef Adam Siegel, Bartolotta Restaurants, Milwaukee

Feast of the seven fishes CROP.jpg

“French tradition is turkey with chestnuts, but we prefer a veal or lamb rack!”

– Chef Pierre Calmels, Bibou, Philadelphia

I change it up every year. Last year was Butter Chicken. But if I had to pick one and done it’d be leg of lamb or prime rib. Nothing like a big roasted piece of red meat to go with all the winter spices, red wine and copious amount of carbs and gluten.

– Chef James Rigato, Chef/Owner Mabel Grey, Detroit

Christmas ham. All lathered in brown sugar and golden brown to perfection. Ham steaks are what I envision unicorn to taste like.

Chef Matt Kern, Heirloom, Lewes, DE

Do you have a favorite dish for Christmas breakfast or brunch?

It’s not all about dinner, there’s also breakfast to consider.

Christmas has always been one of my fondest food memory holidays. Every year for Christmas brunch we start with crab bisque and Champagne, followed by a pasta course, usually stuffed shells, followed by a whole roasted goose. (Which I almost always get from D’Artagnan!)

– Chef Jack Logue, The Clocktower, NYC

Finish the foie gras torchon if there are any leftovers … or simply go out for brunch! Depends on the year.

– Chef Pierre Calmels, Bibou, Philadelphia

Foie Gras Torchon

It is usually tamales! Pork green chili from La Casita.

– Chef Jennifer Jasinski, Rioja, Bistro Vendome, & more, Denver

Nothing special for me. Brioche or challah bread toasted. Butter, homemade jam, local honey. Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon (blender quick hollandaise). My wife’s favorite? Pillsbury marshmallow cinnamon rolls!

– Chef Jean-Pierre Vuillermet, Union League Café, New Haven,  CT


Freshly baked bread and a classic omelette with fresh herbs.

– Chef Christopher Nye, Spoon and Stable, Minneapolis

Definitely bagels with lox and cream cheese, chives are a must, and capers are paramount.

– Chef Matt Kern, Heirloom, Lewes, DE

Thanks, chefs, for sharing your holiday meals with us!

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