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Have you tried pork collar? If not, here’s your chance to do it while eating the crème de la crème of pork: our exclusive milk-fed porcelet. Those who love pork are discovering the pleasures of porcelet, which is milk-fed piglet raised in the European tradition for astounding results.

Our new cut of porcelet – the collar – is available just for home cooks at Shhh. Don’t tell our pro chef clients.

This manageable porcelet collar is a boneless shoulder cut that weighs 1.25-1.5 pounds and is perfect for home cooks like you.

Porcelet Collar
This little piggy is about to become your new favorite.

Pork collar has long been considered a butcher’s secret. But that secret is getting out. It is even being called “the new pork belly” by food cognoscenti, but you may know it by its Italian moniker, “coppa.”

Running from the neck to the tip of the loin, the collar has a barrel shape, and is suitable for roasting, braising or curing. Because it comes from a muscle that does a lot of work, the collar is a particularly tasty cut. But ours isn’t just pork – it’s porcelet. And that means this cut is far tenderer than any pork you have tasted, with abundant marbling. We offer it wrapped neatly in a net, which you can remove for cooking if you like.

Porcelet Carnitas in Pan
Porcelet collar shredded for carnitas.

Absolutely the best thing I’ve ever made … and quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever eaten!!! – Stephen, IL (review of porcelet shoulder at

We’ve been having fun with this porcelet collar, and offer this recipe for Small-Batch Porcelet Carnitas as evidence. Perfect for 2 – 4 people, the recipe yields up the most tender and flavorful carnitas for tacos.

Porcelet Collar Carnitas 1
Best. Tacos. Ever.

Explore all our porcelet cuts, and get some of this spectacular pork into your kitchen soon! When you do, please let us know how you like it.

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