5 Great Reasons to Make Pork for Dinner

Pork is perfect in any season, and we have 5 recipes that will inspire you to cook with it ASAP. Try our spiced pork roast for a family meal, double-cut stuffed pork chops or next-level carnitas for your next meal. Read on for the pork recipes. 

Your New Favorite Special Occasion Roast

Let’s just say it: Berkshire pork is special. Known as Kurobuta in Japan, this is heritage-breed pork with an international reputation. It’s the Wagyu of the pork world. And now there’s a new Berkshire pork 8-rib rack available at dartagnan.com. Perfect for serving at a family meal, or any special occasion or holiday, this rack will become a…

The Taco Filling We’re Obsessed With Right Now

Have you tried pork collar? If not, here’s your chance to do it while eating the crème de la crème of pork: our exclusive milk-fed porcelet. Those who love pork are discovering the pleasures of porcelet, which is milk-fed piglet raised in the European tradition for astounding results.

Cooking Pork: What’s the Perfect Shade of Pink?

Way back in 2011, the USDA dropped the recommended temperature for cooked pork, from 160 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. There was jubilation in the land. For ages before that, we overcooked pork out of fear of getting trichinosis. Nowadays, the trichina worm (which transmits trichinosis) is virtually non-existent in the pork industry, but still some cling…