This Could Be the Best Pork You’ve Never Tasted

Have you tried porcelet?  If not, it’s high time. Porcelet – known as cochon de lait in France – is a type of suckling pig that is raised on milk. This highly regarded delicacy in Europe is hard to find in the United States. But there’s good news for the pork lover!  Porcelet is exclusively available at D’Artagnan. Read on to learn more about this succulent pork and how you can enjoy it at home.

The Taco Filling We’re Obsessed With Right Now

Have you tried pork collar? If not, here’s your chance to do it while eating the crème de la crème of pork: our exclusive milk-fed porcelet. Those who love pork are discovering the pleasures of porcelet, which is milk-fed piglet raised in the European tradition for astounding results.

Tom Colicchio’s Perfect Christmas Meal

Want to eat like Tom Colicchio at Christmas?  Take a page from the menu at his new restaurant, Fowler & Wells in New York City, which offers reinvented turn-of-the-century dishes. Tasting Table got his Christmas meal plan, and there’s some very special pork at the center of his Christmas table: our exclusive Milk-fed Porcelet. Only available at…