Our Best-Kept Secret for Eating Foie Gras

Pssst … we’re going to let you in on a kitchen secret. When you want foie gras but don’t need perfect, symmetrical slices, our foie gras cubes are the solution. Read on for some easy ways to use these delightful foie gras cubes, and stock your freezer today. You’ll thank us later.

Foie gras cubes are both a staff and pro chef favorite for adding the distinctive flavor without the cost. Because they keep well in the freezer, these trimmings are easy to keep on hand for all foie gras emergencies. They can go into a very hot, dry pan while still frozen for delicious results.

With the same rich flavor and silky texture of a whole, grade-A lobe – but at a fraction of the price – the one-pound bag is the most affordable way to enjoy pure foie gras.

Foie gras cubesBecause they are irregular in size and shape, we like to use foie gras cubes tossed with pasta, poached in a rich wine sauce, or added to poultry stuffing. Use a few pieces in a pan sauce instead of butter, tuck half a cube inside a meatball or slider, or even a wonton.

Toss seared foie gras cubes in the pasta of your choice. Our simple recipe for pasta with foie gras and wild mushrooms comes together in minutes.


Make foie gras crème brûlée for dessert. Creamy, sweet custard is enriched with foie gras in this luxurious recipe, made for two. Serve as a dessert or as an appetizer with toasted brioche and Sauternes.


This foie gras butter recipe is adapted from Jennifer McLagan’s excellent cookbook, Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes. It couldn’t be easier to make. Try it spread on a warm baguette, stirred into hot polenta or slathered on a ripe fig. Heaven!


Are you ready for some fun? Buy your foie gras cubes today at dartagnan.com and start living the high life.

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