Our Best-Kept Secret for Eating Foie Gras

Pssst … we’re going to let you in on a kitchen secret. When you want foie gras but don’t need perfect, symmetrical slices, our foie gras cubes are the solution. Read on for some easy ways to use these delightful foie gras cubes, and stock your freezer today. You’ll thank us later.

Cook Your Best With These Holiday Helpers

What every cook wants is a little help in the kitchen this time of year. The best we can offer are these holiday workhorses which will make every recipe better. This collection consists of pantry staples like truffle butter, fresh and dried mushrooms, demi-glace, duck fat, fully-cooked chestnuts, French olive oil, and more. Here are…

Happy Hanukkah!

We wish all who celebrate the Festival of Lights a happy and healthy Hanukkah. May all your latkes be fried in duck fat and topped with foie gras.   

Mad About Mushrooms

We’re more than just meat … did you know that D’Artagnan is also a purveyor of mushrooms?  We follow the seasons around the globe to bring wild mushrooms to our chef clients.  The fragrant and delicate truffles and porcinis, morels, chanterelles, mousserons, hedgehogs, matsutakes, chicken of the woods and many more, come by truck and…

Tournedos Rossini, A Legendary Recipe

The origins of this dish can be traced back to the relationship between legendary chef Marie-Antoine Carême and the composer Rossini, a known gourmand. Evidently Rossini insisted on the dish being prepared tableside so he could micromanage its creation, and when the chef objected to the interference, Rossini said, “So, turn your back.”  Whether that…