3 Reasons to Eat Rabbit this Easter

Do something different this Easter and serve rabbit. You won’t be alone. Our chef clients serve more rabbit this time of year and several of our staffers are planning to eat rabbit at Easter dinner. We have often wondered why Americans don’t eat more rabbit.  After all, we are fine with eating turkey at Thanksgiving while using it as a symbol of the holiday (both feathered and roasted) on decorations and in popular culture. Is it simply the cute factor with rabbit?

While you ponder, here are three good reasons to eat rabbit.

  • Rabbit meat is delicious. It’s also tender, lean, and as versatile as chicken. It even tastes like chicken, only better.
  • Everyone else is doing it. The Italians and French eat rabbit the way Americans eat chicken, which is to say, quite often.
  • Do it for the planet. Rabbits are super sustainable; easy to raise in small spaces, and true to their reputation, reproduce quickly. They produce 6 pounds of meat on the same feed and water that it takes to produce one pound of beef.
Our spring rabbit stew recipe is a good choice for the holiday.

Among the D’Artagnan staffers having rabbit for Easter dinner, Peter in Customer Service is cooking a Cypriot dish called stifado. This traditional recipe involves braising rabbit with lemon juice, red wine vinegar, garlic, tomatoes, and Yukon gold potatoes.

White rabbit lasagna is a creamy concoction that everyone will love for Easter brunch.

Do it for the flavor or do it for the environment – either way, you will be joining in a long tradition of eating rabbit.

Get inspired. Explore our rabbit recipes for everything from rabbit lasagna to rabbit pot de Provence.

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