Recipes We Repeat: Groundhog Day Edition

It’s Groundhog Day, and that reminds us that it’s also the 25th anniversary of the Bill Murray movie of the same name. If you missed that classic film, Murray plays a weatherman assigned to cover the Groundhog Day festivities in Punxsutawney, PA. Through some kind of magical time warp, he get stuck repeating the same day over and over again.

In honor of the holiday and the film anniversary, here are our top 10 recipes on perpetual repeat. We never get tired of these dishes, and make them over and over and over …. we hope you will add some of them to your cooking routine.

1. Braised Lamb Osso Buco

Did someone say “bone marrow?”

2. Perfect Roast Chicken

DArtagnan Green Circle Chicken Roasted 2
Master this simple recipe and you’ll be a kitchen hero.

3. Wild Mushrooms with Truffled Soft Polenta & Parmesan

Mmmm …. we love mushrooms and all that umami.

4. Magret D’Artagnan

The classic: a duck steak.

5. Buffalo Bolognese

Because buffalo is better than beef and pasta is so easy.

6. Dutch Baby Pancake with Candied Bacon

Best brunch plans you can make.

7. Veal Chops Saltimbocca with Tomato Cream

Saltimbocca means ‘jump into the mouth,’ and these easy Italian-style chops will show you why.

8. Whole Roasted Maitake with Miso Butter

whole roasted maitake
Because maitake is gorgeous when roasted whole.

9. Pork Schnitzel

Easy weeknight dinner, crunchy and crispy.

10. Short Rib Beef Bourguignon

Our take on the classic with beef short ribs.



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    Love all of these recipes🍰

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