2017: Year of the Instant Pot

Are you using an Instant Pot yet? For several years this electronic kitchen gadget – the pressure cooker of the future – has been attracting a cult-like following by word-of-mouth alone. The internet has been awash with Instant Pot recipes, developed largely by bloggers, who are keen to share their enthusiasm for the device.

If you haven’t heard, the Instant Pot combines 7 functions and is an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and yogurt maker all in one. It significantly reduces the cooking time of things like beans and braising cuts, which is one of the reasons that people are falling in love – no, that’s not too strong a word – with this kitchen tool. No, it’s not a glorified pressure cooker or slow cooker, say its dedicated fans.

One of the best-selling items this Black Friday on Amazon, the Instant Pot is poised to change the way we cook. We tested our cassoulet recipe in the Instant Pot, and although nothing will take the place of an old-fashioned, oven-baked cassoulet, the results were credible and quite delicious (we will post about that soon).

Instant Pot Amazon Image

Photo from Amazon, where Instant Pot has its own category.

Melissa Clark of The New York Times published an Instant Pot cookbook this October, and many saw that as a watershed moment. Dinner in an Instant shot to best-seller almost, ahem, instantly. There are recipes in her book for crispy Persian rice, and lemon verbena crème brûlée, among others, that challenge the preconceived notion that the Instant Pot is best for chili and braises. The versatility of this machine is keeping everyone busy reinventing and rediscovering recipes.

In the year that ended this November, sales of multi-use cookers rose 79 percent to more than $300 million, says the NPD Group, a market research firm, reported The Mercury News.

But pre-Christmas purchases must have really skyrocketed when The New York Times published this article on Dec. 17, which takes us inside the Canadian headquarters of the family-owned business to better understand the nature of Instant Pot’s “overnight” success. An Instant Pot under every tree!

Our friends at Bon Appétit got into the act with this article, aptly titled The Instant Pot’s Master Plan to Invade All of Our KitchensThere’s no need to defend against this invasion; let it in.

If you are new to Instant Pot, visit 101 Cookbooks to learn how to become an Instant Pot whisperer and find 40 essential Instant Pot links. Also, check out the Instant Pot Facebook page and community group to start picking up the lingo, and to see what the avid fans are chatting about.

2017 may have been the Year of the Instant Pot, but we’re looking at a new year full of fantastic meals made in a jiffy with this marvelous device. Tell us about your Instant Pot cooking experiences!




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  1. Matt says:

    Please please post your cassoulet instant pot recipe. When will it be up?

    1. D'Artagnan says:

      Very soon, Matt!

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