Hand-Crafted Charcuterie: Wild Boar Lonza

Wild Boar Lonza is hand-crafted and dry-cured with simple ingredients for exceptional quality and flavor. Nothing but wild boar, salt and spices are used in this unique and tasty addition to our line of charcuterie.

Lonza is sold as a whole piece and will make a handsome addition to your next charcuterie board. Pair with Duck Prosciutto, any of our cured Saucisson Sec selections, fresh fruit, cheese and wine at your next party.

Wild Boar Lonza.jpg

Lonza is an Italian-style charcuterie traditionally made with pork loin – it is known as lomo in Spain. We had to put a spin on this recipe and make it with wild boar.

With subtle seasoning and a slightly fruity taste from pomegranate powder, our wild boar lonza offers a deep, complex flavor quite unlike its pork counterpart. Because wild boar meat is red, lean and flavorful, so is the lonza.

Made with the same wild boar we offer raw – which is humanely trapped in Texas – this charcuterie is made without nitrates or nitrites.*

Serve thinly sliced, wild boar lonza makes a great addition to charcuterie and cheese boards, and can be eaten out of hand, accompanied by wine and fruit.

*except for naturally occurring in sea salt and celery juice powder.


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