It’s Game Time! Cooking with Wild Scottish Game

Each year we wait for the start of wild Scottish game bird season. This month we had a slight delay in shipments from the U.K., so there’s even more anticipation than usual.

But the game is finally in the warehouse, and ready for home cooks to order at To put you in the mood here’s some bagpipe music to listen to while you read the rest of this post.

Did you know that D’Artagnan is the original source in the United States for truly wild Scottish game birds? We’ve been supplying game aficionados in professional and home kitchens for over 30 years.

Wild GrouseWood PigeonPheasant, and Red-Legged Partridge arrive in our warehouse within two days of the hunt on game preserves and estates in Scotland.

You would need a shotgun to get game birds any fresher.

scottish-game-bird-resizeThese wild birds forage on the moors and in the forests; their diet of berries, heather, and tundra, along with constant exercise, gives their meat a distinctive flavor.

wild-scottish-grouse-recipes-and-uses_HomeMediumAfter the hunt, the birds are immediately processed in a facility supervised by European Economic Community Inspectors. The EEC inspection satisfies the USDA laws, so we are able to offer game birds despite the prohibition on selling hunted game in the U.S.


And it’s not just birds; we also offer Wild Scottish Hare in season – for those with a taste for jugged hare, or that classic Lièvre à la Royale.

New to cooking game? Check the game bird recipes at We will be posting historic recipes from blogger Deana Sidney, so keep reading our blog.

Get them while you can. Our wild game birds are available in the fall and winter months only. Once the season is over, we cannot get any more of these rare birds until next year.

Warning: watch for shot pellets when preparing and eating wild game birds.


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